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For maintaining a healthy ecological balance on this earth, animals, plants and marine species are as important as humans.

  • It is no wonder that tourists from around the globe do not mind spending any cent for the Dubai Desert Safari. It has thrilled anyone who has tried the dune bashing, camel riding and even Arabian belly dancing. This is something that anyone should never......

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  • If you are planning a big trip overseas, you want to make sure that you are properly prepared. If you are not prepared, it could make your trip miserable. Indeed, traveling internationally is not the same as getting in a car and hitting the road.......

  • This bustling capital is at the heart of Kenya and is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It is easy to get overwhelmed by its traffic and chaos but Nairobi offers everything from its own wildlife park, animal orphanages to remarkably well-kept museums......

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5 Ways to Make International Travel Easier

If you are planning a big trip overseas, you want to make sure that you are properly prepared. If you are not prepared, it could make your trip miserable. Indeed, traveling internationally is not the same as getting in a car and hitting the road. Not only do you have a whole separate culture to assimilate into, but you also have a completely different time zone. When it comes down to it, the farther you travel, the more you have to prepare. However, once you are set, traveling internationally will offer the trip of a lifetime. When it comes down to it, there is nothing like crossing a boundary into a completely foreign landscape and learning about the culture along the way.

Here are five ways to make international travel easier.

  1. Set your clock – jet lag is one of the biggest things to contend with when you travel internationally. This can happen when you travel to a different time zone and your internal clock is off. You can reset this clock by training yourself to go to sleep at certain times and waking up at certain times throughout the week before your big trip. This will help offset some of the jet lag.
  1. Look for accommodations – it is important to research and book hotel accommodations well in advance of your trip. Indeed, you can make a hotel search and find something quite easily, but if you are going somewhere tropical and remote, it could be more difficult. These hotels may not even have a website or any other information in English. If this is the case, you really want to buckle down and get resourceful. Of course, if you are visiting a more metropolitan city, you want to look at reviews and other pertinent information to know if you have found the right hotel.
  1. Learn some of the languages – this can go a long way when you visit a foreign country, especially if you are visiting a country for business. What happens if you say the wrong thing, or what happens if you can’t understand an important client? You will need to make sure that you know a few introductory words so that you can at least have some kind of cordial, brief conversation. Plus, it’s very impressive when you can carry on with some small talk.
  1. Know the exchange rate – this is important because you want to know exactly what the dollar is worth. This will help you know if things are expensive or inexpensive. If you are on a budget, not knowing what the exchange rate is may set you back, which won’t be good for your pocketbook. If you are traveling for business, you will want to know for the sake of your expense reports.
  1. Learn some of the customs and traditions – this will help you get along with the locals. In some cases, getting along with the local people will help you assimilate a lot better. Plus, it will help you fit in. In the end, the last thing you want is to alienate yourself, because it could do more harm than good.

Exploring Nairobi

This bustling capital is at the heart of Kenya and is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa. It is easy to get overwhelmed by its traffic and chaos but Nairobi offers everything from its own wildlife park, animal orphanages to remarkably well-kept museums and busy craft markets. Take the time to explore Nairobi for a day or two, you won’t be disappointed. The city features an all-in-one safari experience with its National Park being only a few kilometres away from the business district. Surprisingly, the park hosts ‘The Big 5’ as well as giraffes, antelopes, hippos etc…and it could be a great way to have an introduction to the African wildlife or as a ‘goodbye’ visit in case you have missed out on some fauna of your interest while visiting other parks. The backdrop of tall skyscrapers that form Nairobi’s downtown core promises striking contrasts between natural and urban Kenyan life. Within the city of Nairobi we offer cultural experiences at Bomas of Kenya (showcase of Kenya’s most iconic tribes), guided visits to the national museum (which displays some outstanding hominid fossils), animal sanctuaries (Giraffe centre & David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust), other historical landmarks, and craft markets.

Classic Safari Parks

Masai Mara

The Masai Mara is by far the most iconic of Kenya’s parks and a must see. The reserve offers unlimited action year round and, with one of the highest concentration of big game in the world, guarantees stunning views of wildlife against a wonderfully African landscape. The yearly wildebeest migration (July to October) which involves over 1.5 million individuals following the northern rains and moving from Tanzania’s Serengeti, culminates with the famed Mara river crossing. By then, the landscape is studded with herbivores of all kinds and carnivores are plenty, feasting on the bounty of preys. The size of the event can be best appreciated from the sky by booking an early morning hot air balloon flight available at extra cost.


Against the stunning backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli is the go-to park to see the last wild big tusked elephants. Poaching has been a selecting force pushing towards small tusks virtually wiping out the symbolic large tusked individuals all across the continents.

The Tsavos

Tsavo West and Tsavo East together make up for the biggest wildlife reserve in Kenya. Also the oldest, the two encompass many kinds of ecosystems and habitats so expect to see big cats. Most famed are the ‘Red’ elephants. Why red? Simply, the iron rich soil of the park ends up being part of the elephant’s daily dust bath making their appearance iconically red.

Less Explored Southern Parks

These lesser known parks offer special opportunities not available at any other park. From rock-climbing and biking alongside zebras and giraffes to hiking to the rim of an extinct volcano to discovering one of the last remaining fragments of the great Congolese rain forest in search of rare birds, these parks are a must see if you’d like to experience an alternative side of Kenya.

Hell’s Gate

This is the must go to park if you have ever dreamed of a biking/walking safari. You might find yourself cycling besides giraffes, zebras and even buffalos on your way to stunning canyons where you will be guided along geothermal features. The stunning rocky formations are also a favourite for rock climbers of all levels.

Mount Longonot

This perfectly shaped volcano is an intermediate 4-hour long hike (ascent-rim-descent) which offers stunning views of Lake Naivasha and the Rift Valley. Seeing wildlife along the paths is not uncommon and definitely a thrill.

Kakamega forest

This park protects one of the last remaining patches of tropical rain forest that once extended continuously from Congo along the Equator, across the Continent. The forest harbours several species of primates (most notably Colobus, de Brazza’s and Red Tailed monkeys) and has excellent birding opportunities.

The Coast

With its beautiful beaches, history, tasty food and lush parks, Kenya’s coasts promises vacation bliss. The area has been greatly influenced through the centuries by the arrival of Indo-Arab traders and Portuguese colonialists unlike anywhere else in the country. Culturally rich and very distinct, this typically Swahili region offers a unique combination of traditions, flavours and sounds and hosts some impressive historical sites.

Lamu, Malindi and Watamu

Further north, the fishing towns of Watamu and Malindi have their own submarine national parks which offer visitors breathtaking underwater views of coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving. Both are heavily frequented by Italian tourist making its food and African spins on Italian classics simply delicious.

The most northern large settlement along Kenya’s coast and a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Lamu offers tourists the best preserved Swahili settlement in the world. The city is car-free, and relies on donkeys for transport. The roads are tight to increase shaded areas, the flavours are spiced, rich and complex. Lamu is off-the-beaten-track and will certainly take your breath away!


The capital Mombasa naturally offers itself as a launching platform from which to explore the rich culture of the Coast and features the Portuguese made Fort Jesus, beautiful Mosques and the old town’s Arabesque architecture. Relax and soak in the vibrant culture of the old town, try some fresh halva and tea while enjoying the breeze, nothing will be fast paced here.

The South Coast

Soak in the beach, enjoy the sun and feast on delicious seafood! Then, you might want to do some kite surfing, sky-diving, sailing, snorkeling and even swimming with the whale sharks (February only). The south coast will have you relaxed and care free until you choose to do something thrilling and memorable.

Choose Cheap Hotels in Paddington for a homely English stay

UK is a tapestry of art, architecture, culture, cuisine and more. The jewel in the crown is London. Visiting this enchanting city is a once in a life time experience. Whether traveling alone, with friends or with family, London is one of the most welcoming cities in the world. The weather maybe a little unpredictable but English hospitality is certainly not.  You can experience a drizzle now and then but the lively vibe of the city and its friendly people make you feel at home. Cradled by the River Thames, London has awe-inspiring architecture in every nook and corner. If you are planning a few days stay then Cheap Hotels in Paddington are ideal. While being reasonable, a Hotel near West London is well connected to the Tube, thus perfect for travelers.

Charming wedding venues Milton Keynes for the new age bridal couple

The hottest wedding destination still needs a comfortable stay, space for privacy and the ultimate services to make it a roaring success. Milton Keynes, brings its charmed hospitality to the fore. This stunning borough is 45 mile from London and a trending venue as a new age nuptial venue. Motor sports aficionados; skiers, snowboarders and avid shoppers throng it. Holidaymakers love to soak in glimpses of the countryside English culture.

How to Pick the Perfect Hotel

The hotel you choose could make or break your vacation. It is therefore essential you pick wisely when it comes to your accommodation. So, ensure you have a holiday to remember for all the right reasons and read the following top hotel tips.

5 Surprisingly Romantic Places to Pop the Question

Asking someone to marry you is a fraught occasion. What if you drop the ring in the ocean? What if they say “no”? What if you fudge it completely and the moment is lost in a sea of Japanese tourists? All of these things (and a whole lot more) can potentially go wrong at the last minute, but first things first – once you have chosen a suitable ring you need to pick your venue.

The Magic Of A South African Safari

When evaluating what to do and what to see in South Africa, it must be taken into account that the diversity that characterizes the country is not only limited to the cultural aspect, but also to its wildlife. There are numerous safari options in South Africa to experience the most animalistic magic in the country and to be able to approach (always cautiously!) Those known as  Big Five: the lion, the buffalo, the elephant, the rhino and the leopard. The feeling of being able to enjoy the animals in the wild and observe them in their natural habitat is an unforgettable adventure, so pack your backpack with all your enthusiasm and join us to discover the magic of a South African Safari!

The Best Safari Destinations in the World

A safari is an experience that marks a before and after in whoever performs it. We review the best national parks and animal reserves in Africa.

The safaris (which means travel in Swahili) are more than just a fad for a long time. It is an opportunity to enter nature and contemplate its wildest side. And for this, nothing like traveling to Africa, a vast continent that keeps countless natural treasures, national parks and animal reserves, where you can enjoy lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos (these five species are called big five), giraffes, wildebeest, cheetahs or hippos, among many others.

The Best Destinations For A Wildlife Safari

From Africa to India, from South America to Australia, passing through South East Asia. Here are the top 10 best destinations for a wildlife Safari.

Few experiences manage to excite a traveler, such as the opportunity to contemplate the wealth of fauna and flora that Safari can offer. Do you also dream of leaving to admire lions, elephants, and breathtaking landscapes?

Having a Magnificent Travel in Dubai Liwa Safari

If you are searching for one of the best deserts in Dubai , Liwa Desert is definitely a place to visit in the UAE. Liwa Desert is the biggest sand desert in the whole world. Because of this, there are a lot of activities that you would definitely enjoy. One of these is the Dubai desert safari. Enjoy a 4×4 ride at some of the best vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and SUV. What is even more exciting are the wadi and dune bashing that will definitely make adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the sand dunes. Do not be worried for the drivers are professionally expert in this kind of exhilarating activity.

Dubai Desert Safari | Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and an Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai is a city and an emirate in the UAE. Located in the southern region of Persia, it is a desert which has evolved into a city which has largest population after Abu Dhabi. There are many desert safari options here for the people who can come and enjoy a great holiday with their friends and families. Desert safari is known as one most popular site in Dubai which attracts people all over the world. It is an interesting blend of the modern habits and culture and the ancient traditions. You can enjoy a walk in the desert munching on some of the best dishes of Arabia and view an enigmatic sunset and many more. It is one of the activities which you cannot afford to miss when you are in Dubai. A Dubai desert safari option includes morning desert safari, evening desert safari and an overnight desert safari. They have desert all over Dubai which would help you in experiencing a well organized trip to the deserts.

Dubai Desert Safari: A Grand Time for Tourists

It is no wonder that tourists from around the globe do not mind spending any cent for the Dubai Desert Safari. It has thrilled anyone who has tried the dune bashing, camel riding and even Arabian belly dancing. This is something that anyone should never forget to try. Otherwise, it will seem that you miss a lot. Dubai Desert Safari is more than just a leisure trip. It is an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.