5 Fun Hanoi, Vietnam Travel Activities for Families

Vietnam Travel Activities for Families

5 Fun Hanoi, Vietnam Travel Activities for Families

If you are looking for an exotic, exciting, and fun trip for you and your family, consider visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. A small nation with a rich history and a wealth of natural beauty, Vietnam can offer you an unforgettable trip that can appeal to everyone in your family.

Below are just five of the many engaging activities available to you in Vietnam’s capital.

The Old Quarter:

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is a historic commercial center in the beating heart of the city. The Old Quarter, which still holds to the original layout of the original city, is comprised of only 36 streets which are each identified by the types of wares which were originally sold exclusively in that area. Today, it’s a bustling commercial area filled with silk and jewelry shops, as well as traditional Vietnamese cuisine. For a touch of old Hanoi with modern shopping, visit the Old Quarter.


Hanoi is famously built between a set of rivers and has become known as the city of lakes. Surrounded and containing several beautiful lakes, there is no shortage of water-related activities in which you can participate. From boat tours to temple visits, each lake has its own history and mythology. And you can’t miss visiting West Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake, which both serve as two of the most important cultural landmarks in the city.

Water Puppet Theater:

One of the great traditions to grow out of Hanoi’s proximity to so many bodies of water is the art of Water Puppet Theater. While much of Southeast Asia has a strong tradition of puppet shows, Vietnam has a special history of puppet performances in water. Puppeteers perform their shows waist-deep in the lakes with specially designed, water-proof puppets. As the tradition is uniquely Vietnamese, it is not to be missed.


Hanoi also has a large selection of important and well-regarded museums covering everything from fine art to their military history. One of the most popular is the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, which focuses on the broad ethnic diversity of the nation. This museum is generally regarded as the finest museum in Vietnam and is a popular tourist attraction for visitors.

Bát Tràng:

Slightly outside the heart of the city, about 8 miles (or 13 kilometers) lies the ancient village of Bát Trà ng, a nationally renowned ceramics-making village that to this day continues to put out high-quality, handmade ceramics. If you’re interested in seeing craftsmen create beautiful work or if you just want to do a little shopping, Bát Trà ng can be a fantastic Hanoi excursion.

Hanoi is a beautiful and ancient city that has learned to blend its history with modernity. With so many much to see and do in the city, your family will never be short on activities. When you’re planning your trip, be sure to keep these Vietnam travel tips in mind and visit Vietnam. It will help you to find out what your travel needs.

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