5 Surprisingly Romantic Places to Pop the Question

Surprisingly Romantic Places

5 Surprisingly Romantic Places to Pop the Question

Asking someone to marry you is a fraught occasion. What if you drop the ring in the ocean? What if they say “no”? What if you fudge it completely and the moment is lost in a sea of Japanese tourists? All of these things (and a whole lot more) can potentially go wrong at the last minute, but first things first – once you have chosen a suitable ring you need to pick your venue.

There are certain surprisingly romantic places where a romantic proposal is almost de rigeur. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ponte Vecchio in Florence, a glorious beach anywhere in the Maldives…

If you take your loved one to any of these romantic locations, she is likely to be expecting you to pop the question. You could live up to her expectations and whip out a diamond ring, but why not buck the trend and choose one of the locations below instead – it will make for a better story twenty years’ time.

1. St Pancras Station, London

Although Brief Encounter did a great job of romanticizing rail travel, railway stations are not usually very romantic. The combination of hordes of tired travelers, continual announcements forecasting further delays on the 18:06 service to Boston, and lurking pickpockets, all serve to make rail travel way too stressful to be romantic. However, if you visit St Pancras station in London, check out the kissing sculpture in the designated ‘meeting place’. It is wonderfully romantic and a great place to pop the question.

2. Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is a mythical place. Thousands of people travel there every year, many of whom make the arduous trek to the summit. If you and your other half are fairly fit and up for a challenge, book the trip of a lifetime and make that climb. As long as you are not incapacitated by altitude sickness before you reach the summit, you can pop the question amidst the clouds and with the world at your feet.

3. A Windswept Beach

Walking along a windswept beach, hand in hand, is very romantic as long as you are suitably dressed. Imagine how delighted your other half will be if you drop down on one knee in the wet sand and pull out an enormous sparkler. Just stay away from the shoreline if the surf is raging, or you could be swept away before she has a chance to say “Yes!”

4. The Location of Your First Date

Hopefully, you can recall where you took your beloved on a first date. If it is a suitable location (i.e. not the local McDonalds), take her there once more and pop the question. She will be moved to tears at your romantic proposal (and excellent memory). Keep reading Top 10 Best African Safari Parks and Destinations of 2020

5. On a Boat

Book a trip on a ferry or cruise liner and recreate the iconic moment from Titanic. Assuming the boat doesn’t sink three hours later, the proposal will be a wonderfully romantic occasion.

It is a good idea to persuade a friend or random person to film your proposal, so you can upload the moment on social media immediately after your special moment.

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