An Ineffable Experience in Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari

An Ineffable Experience in Dubai Desert Safari

Being one of the largest cities in UAE, Dubai counts a huge number of footfall when tourism in considered. In recent years it has seen an escalating development in the tourism industry. This has paved the way for people to open up hotels, food joints, resorts and many more.

When in Dubai make sure that you do not miss the famous Dubai desert safari tour which is one of the most special activities which goes in Dubai. All over the world this particular plan is very popular. In these trips you visit the deserts, play, ride rides, eat and come to know about the very interesting blend of traditional Arabic culture with the modern one.

A desert safari in Dubai tour consists of snacks, lunch, dinner and some entertainment for the people. You walk up to the sand dunes to go for the adrenaline pumping rollercoaster rides and then come back with a hungry stomach to munch on some great Arabic snacks. You can change into an Arabic traditional dress to get into the mood and dance with the belly dancers in the Dubai desert safari tour. You can also sip on Arabic coffee and bite on dates, sandwiches and many more. Get started from 8 in the morning and get back to your hotel at 12 at midnight. The rollercoaster is exciting because you can actually tumble down the sand dunes. You can also enjoy the sun set and the peaceful milieu of the desert with your family or your partner. You can be in the heart of the desert and lie down on the sleeping bags which are provided by the tour agents.

It is best if you can stay at the desert for a night and have an experience. It is really an experience which is worth having. Dubai desert safari tour also takes into consideration the fact where you can ride on camels and see the view of the desert. Another exciting part is the Dune Buggies. Here you can drive and see the desert and also play Sheesha and apply mehendi. These are exclusively made for riding through the deserts and so they are very safe. They are well protected with roll cages and seat belts so that you do not have to worry about the drive but you can enjoy the desert and its beautiful and exclusive beauty.

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