Discover our favorite travel guides

favorite travel guides

Discover our favorite travel guides

A trip requires preparation and study about the destination to which we are going to go. We prepare a route with the sites that we would like to see. And we study everything there is to know about the destination before setting foot on it. Travel guides are the best ally for intrepid travelers, but which one is best for us?

The Internet has made available to everyone a large amount of information about tourist destinations, but not all the guides that we find have reliable information about the place we are going to visit. Therefore, here we leave you a list of the travel guides that you need to know to travel in peace.

Travel guides: Your Best Companions

The clothes are already in the suitcase. Your handbag is ready with the objects you will need during the journey … and your travel guide? It is a detail that many times we overlook but being well informed before arriving at the destination is important to get the most out of our trip budget and experience.

Lonely Planet

best travel guides

The quintessential intrepid traveler’s guide. This guide, which can be consulted online or purchased on paper, has a convenient and practical reading format with lots of interesting details. Lonely Planet also places special emphasis on alternative places in destinations such as neighborhoods, bars, or places of interest that are outside the mainstream circuit. Here you will find everything you need to embark on the adventure: transport, walking routes, places to visit, and where to stop for a drink. Cool huh?

Michelin Guide

This is one of the most reputable guides in the world and is focused on gastro tourism as well as road maps. The Michelin Guide is the Bible for many foodies. And globetrotters who do not want to miss out on any of their experiences when they travel. The Guide also has 3 applications for your mobile or tablet that will make it easier for you to always be informed.


If you want to go off the beaten track and not travel en masse, this guide is your perfect ally. Of course, you will find in it all the information about the destination, with the tourist places par excellence included, but you can also have an experience closer to that of its inhabitant’s thanks to less touristy but very interesting suggestions.

Laertes, “Rumbo a…”

Laertes publishing house periodically produces a series of very interesting guides. They contain all the information related to the destination in a convenient and practical format to carry. The advantage of these travel guides over others? Each destination is written by a single author and the requirement for you to write it is that you must love the destination you are going to write about. In this way, it guarantees that the guide will contain all the important information about the destination as well as curiosities and routes little known by mass tourism.

Rough Guides

They are extensive online guides where you will find destinations from all over the world. The information you give us includes when to go, what we can’t miss, or where to eat. On the other hand, it also contains essential information to get there, move to the destination. And the basics necessary for the trip. If you are thinking of a getaway, do not hesitate to take a look because it is very worth it.


Two models of guides in book format is what Trotamundos offers you. The Experience edition is perfect for short stays while its normal edition is more extensive and contains more information on routes, plans, and places to visit at the destination. This is one of the most prestigious guides in the world that is written in a fun and sometimes critical tone that delights travelers.

Travel the world in the best company

Traveling is an enriching experience that helps us grow as human beings. Exploring, mingling, trying, and experiencing new things always gives us more perspective on who we are and the world around us. If you don’t want to miss out on any of the travel experiences. Discover places outside the most basic tourist circuit. Or find those trendy restaurants among the local legal clientele. It is best to turn to the travel guides that never fail us. It is essential to inform ourselves about the destination before arriving. And to be attentive to possible health precautions that we must take before traveling. But above all, the most important thing is to enjoy the road.


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