Dubai Desert Safari: A Grand Time for Tourists

Dubai Desert Safari: A Grand Time for Tourists

It is no wonder that tourists from around the globe do not mind spending any cent for the Dubai Desert Safari. It has thrilled anyone who has tried the dune bashing, camel riding and even Arabian belly dancing. This is something that anyone should never forget to try. Otherwise, it will seem that you miss a lot. Dubai Desert Safari is more than just a leisure trip. It is an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life.

In case you really want to go for this experience, you should be reminded that there are some measures that you have to take before you commence on anything. Dubai Desert Safari should come out as something exciting not as something you regret. First, you have to wear something you are comfortable with. The hot weather may prove to be a burden if you do not wear some light attire. Second, make sure you always have with you a pair of sunglasses. However, during the winter season, a jacket is advisable. Remember, in deserts, it is very hot during the summer and very cold during the winter. Follow these 2 reminders and you will undeniably have the time of your life as you traverse the Dubai Desert Safari.

Decide on which activity you want to engage in. If you are the daring type, opt for the dune bashing. Usually, this is the first stop. This fun activity is for those who are daring and for those who crave for some adventure. The Dubai Desert Safari and the dune bashing will allow you to ride in a rollercoaster in the middle of the desert. Inside the 4 x 4 vehicle, you will think that the car is trying to throw you away. This is indeed a unique way of formally welcoming you to the Dubai Desert Safari.

After this, you now will experience the famous Bedouin camp. In here, you will get up close and personal with a camel. You can take some pictures with it or while riding on it. The enjoyment you will feel is something you will never forget in your entire life. When you go back toy our native land, this is one story that your friends and loved ones will surely envy.

All these and more, Dubai Desert Safari will undeniably prove to you that no time and money will be wasted. Every moment is something to savor and enjoy.

Sand and Dancing Part of Fun Filled Desert Safari in Dubai

The desert safari in Dubai is one of the most amazing trips that any tourist can ever undertake. This is because of the fact that the fun and enjoyment that any tourist has on this trip is beyond anything that would have ever been experienced before. The desert safari in Dubai starts off at about three in the evening and goes on till late night. The driver who will be taking you to the desert arrives right on time and so you should be ready at the right time.

Once you start on the tour, there is no stop in between so you should be well stocked with water and other drinks that you may need for the journey. The first place where you will go to is the sand dunes. There are many hundreds of dunes present in the desert and they change every second. This adds to the adventure and the mystery. The four wheel drive on which you are traveling to the desert goes right onto one of the dunes and then on to another. The ride will start churning your stomach, but it is the best adventure that most people would have ever had.

The desert safari in Dubai is simply superb. The next stop will be the place from where you watch the sun setting in the horizon. This too is an amazing sight that gives you great joy. After this, you are taken to a place where you will be spending the rest of the evening. All the employees of the tour operator are very friendly and are ready to help you. This adds to the fun on the desert safari in Dubai.

You get some amazing food prepared by best chefs. You can also watch belly dancing being performed by excellent and experienced performers. There is loud music that is managed by the DJ. It is a fun evening that is full of partying. When on the desert safari in Dubai, you are also given time to star gaze, and this is the best time that you can use to commune with nature.

Desert Safari Dubai | Favorite Destination for the Foreigners

The beauty of the world is best appreciated when personally seen. This is the reason why people spend time arranging their busy schedule to find time to relax through going to other places where they can take a glimpse of nature’s beauty. It isn’t surprising if they always think about Dubai.

There are several reasons why tourists consider Dubai as one of their favorite destinations. Dubai is one place where anyone could enjoy the art galleries, the parks, the Dolphinarium, the Dubai golf course and a lot more. But whatever the reason is, nothing beats desert safari in Dubai. It gives you the opportunity to explore Dubai’s desert with lots of fun along the way. Consider the following heartwarming activities in a desert safari Dubai.

The journey of Dubai desert safari starts with a ride from your hotel to the desert. This is where you could be astonished by the beauty and calmness of the desert sand. Wherever you look during the ride, there is the sight of a desert that seems to be intentionally captivating one’s heart by its tranquility. A moment with the camels will give you a thrill as you have the stopover in the camel farm. No one misses the fun of a camel ride in Dubai’s golden sands.

An astonishing desert sunset is another wonderful episode of desert safari in Dubai. Witness the sunset in the middle of a desert and you will definitely have a feel of nature’s wonders. You can even have the aromatic Arabic coffee during the view to give you that relaxing feeling that only Dubai desert could offer. You could also have a henna tattoo on your hand and experience one of the women’s favorites as they enjoy their stay in Dubai. An expert henna designer will allow you to see the creativity behind the henna tattoo.

In the evening, be fascinated with the traditional costume of Arabic women while having a superb barbeque dinner right there in the desert and experience how lively your evening would be as you hear the soft music at the background. Desert safari Dubai would not be complete without giving you a moment to be enchanted by the performance of a belly dancer. This is the event in the desert safari Dubai that would unquestionably complete your desert expedition. Through all these, your wonderful moments are captured in photos which you can bring home for you to always cherish your journey of a lifetime.

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