Dubai Desert Safari | Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and an Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari | Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and an Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai is a city and an emirate in the UAE. Located in the southern region of Persia, it is a desert which has evolved into a city which has largest population after Abu Dhabi. There are many desert safari options here for the people who can come and enjoy a great holiday with their friends and families. Desert safari is known as one most popular site in Dubai which attracts people all over the world. It is an interesting blend of the modern habits and culture and the ancient traditions. You can enjoy a walk in the desert munching on some of the best dishes of Arabia and view an enigmatic sunset and many more. It is one of the activities which you cannot afford to miss when you are in Dubai. A Dubai desert safari option includes morning desert safari, evening desert safari and an overnight desert safari. They have desert all over Dubai which would help you in experiencing a well organized trip to the deserts.

Morning Desert safari in Dubai starts from 8 in the morning and would allow you to enjoy the sand dunes which are the specialty in Dubai. After reaching a sand dune you will be stunned when you see the roller coaster rides which are conducted there. When this tour comes to an end at 12 in the noon, you can pamper your taste buds at some of the best and traditional outlets.

An evening desert safari is also very exciting. You can see the sands of the place where the guides take you to the heart of the city. You can also enjoy a sun set at this peaceful point. You can wear some of the traditional dresses and enjoy some bread. When you get tired after the hectic day you can laze around and enjoy a performance by the belly dancers and have food.

You can also enjoy an overnight desert safari where you can stay the camps at night. You would be supplied with all essentials and you can enjoy the quietness of the city.When in Dubai you cannot miss the Dune Buggy safari. It is a kind of game which is safe and very exciting. You can also drink some of the beverages served there. Similarly Dubai also has a Camel Trekking Safari where you can ride camels and have a view of the desert from the top.

The Trip to Desert Safari Dubai | Popular Spot for the Tourists

Dubai has always been a very popular spot for the people all over the world who love to enjoy holidays. Desert safari in Dubai is one of the best places to have a holiday completely different from the usual holidays in beaches and mountains.

There are agents who look after the trips to the deserts. There are hotels as well who arrange cars and other means of communication so that when the tourists go for the Dubai desert safari deals they do face problems. All over UAE, these trips are very popular. You can have a taste of a traditional and modern culture of the Arabian tribe. You not only get introduced to the traditions and culture but also get the opportunity to taste the lip smacking food which is cooked here.

There are four safaris which are organized in Dubai. You can choose from then or you can go for all the four. It is usually recommended that if you are planning to go for all the safaris then it is better that you take it easy and one each day. Desert safari in Dubai is mentioned below and all four of them deserve to be on the list of every traveler. You have the Morning Desert Safari, the Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari, Dune Buggy and the Camel Trekking option which is also included.

The safaris let you enjoy some very adventurous and exciting ways to explore Dubai. When you are a part of the safaris you can also see the belly dancers dancing to the authentic tunes of Arabic music. Sitting on the sand under the stars and riding camels would make your vacation very pleasurable. Women can also try some of the henna designs on the hands and try sheesha which is a very popular pass time in Dubai.

Desert safari Dubai starts in the morning when they take you to places where you can see some of the most beautiful sand dunes. In the morning safari you can also enjoy come roller coaster rides and treat yourself to some great snacks which are also provided. The overnight safari lets you to stay in the desert camps for a night. You can also enjoy silence and peace at the time of the day. Do not forget to enjoy the camel trekking and dune buggy when you go for the safaris.

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