Exploring The Best Of Whitsundays With Your Family

Best Of Whitsundays

Exploring The Best Of Whitsundays With Your Family

The amazingly beautiful Whitsundays is the absolute perfect family travel destination, even if you have little kids with you. There are enchanting islands, and the Great Barrier Reef, the amazing ocean and unbelievable scenery. You’ll never have enough time to spend on the Whitsundays.

Check Out The Amazing Islands

Fitzroy Island, Long Island, Hamilton Island – overall, 74 amazing island paradises you can visit. Fitzroy Island is a lovely tropical rainforest paradise. Close to Cairns, Fitzroy Island has sheltered, calm waters, access to the Great Barrier Reef and many lovely sun-kissed beaches.

Long Island is for the family that wants a nice, casual, laidback holiday. You’ll be surrounded by perfect scenery; it’s the best place for you to connect with nature and relax. There are many resorts here for all purse sizes.

Hamilton Island is located right at the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. Here you’ll experience fabulous weather, brilliant azure waters, amazing coral reefs, sugar-sand beaches and breathtaking wildlife and plant life. You can have your choice of accommodation, hotels and other fun activities.

Enjoy Some Whitsundays Cruises

Get onboard a fast catamaran and check out some amazingly secluded coves, bays and beaches. At stop points, you can snorkel, swim or scuba dive into the azure-blue waters. If you love sailing, you’ll absolutely adore the thrill, the rush and the excitement of speeding along on high-performance catamarans.

Cruise The Great Barrier Reef

Most of the cruise vessels have attached Reef Pontoons, which are glass bottomed, semi-submersible underwater observatory viewing platforms. It’s a great way to get a close peep into the incredibly rich marine life in the waters of the GBF. Don’t miss a visit to the amazing Knuckle Reef Lagoon, one of the Great Barrier Reef’s most spectacular reef sites. There are several excellent diving and snorkeling sites in the GBF – be sure to get in some great swimming and exciting snorkeling while you’re at it!

Say Ahoy To A Crocodile Safari!

Don’t bother with those sissy croc farms. Visit the huge, scary crocs where they spawn and live, at Proserpine Safari Park. You can enjoy the most unique wildlife experience Queensland can offer you when you sign up for a crocodile safari. These deadly dangerous creatures are not just thrilling to watch –they’ll fill you with dread and delight at the same time. Talk about a rush of adrenalin!

You will be taken on a tractor-drawn wagon-train to see huge salt-water crocodiles in the wetlands. There are plenty of rare birds, reptiles, marine creatures and mammals here too. You’ll see about 200 dangerous saltwater crocodiles, some of the most dangerous in the world. These safaris also introduce you to the way the natives live. Food consists of damper bread cooked on coals and fresh billy tea.

Get In Some Tropical Rainforest Experience

The amazing rainforests at the Whitsundays are begging to be explored. Take in a fully- guided tour, exploring the amazing flora and fauna of the Conway Range’s highland tropical rainforest. Take part in the exciting Tropical Rainforest Walk at the Cedar Creek Falls as well.

Go Ocean Rafting

Take your family to explore the Whitsunday Islands on a high-speed, semi-rigid inflatable vessel. The raft will take you to any nearby Whitsunday island of your choice. Listen to the throbbing marine life of the reef via the hydrophone as you pass by. Snorkel in a pristine reef and watch turtles as they scuttle by on beaches.


Whether you’re an adrenalin freak or a scenery lover, the Whitsundays is the best place to head to. Experience the incredible joys of taking in the sunshine and the amazing views all around while you cruise at high speeds on a custom-built catamaran. There’s no other way to express it – it’s just pure adrenalin. Rush sailing, kayak adventures, cruising, helicopter flights – whatever is your special brand of fun – do it at the Whitsundays.

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