Guide to surviving the summer holidays

Enjoy the summer holidays

Guide to surviving the summer holidays

Summer holidays are just around the corner and we already know that there is nothing that makes you happier than taking a few days off. But we warn you: if you are not careful you can fall into the typical tourist traps that will turn your vacation into hell.

In order to avoid these bad times, we have prepared a super guide with tips to survive the summer holidays, so use all five senses and take note of each one of them, we don’t want to repeat them a hundred times. Oh, and then don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

Choose Your Companions Well

Summer holidays guide

Choosing the perfect adventure partner is very important. There are friends who go from being cuddly bears to something like a wet gremlin when they travel. But they are not the only ones, here are a few prototypes of anti-fellow travelers: there are the vagrants, who spend 90% of the time in the hotel during the two weeks of vacation; the cultures, who seem to have swallowed an encyclopedia and suddenly their tour-guide soul comes out; the fiestukis, who sleep during the day and wake up at 9 to dress up and give it their all at the disco; there are the lizards, which spend between 10 and 15 hours under the sun’s rays; and the queries, to whom nothing ever seems right.

How to know that none of your friends hides one of these beings inside? Actually, there are no infallible methods, even the most tender and unexpected component of the group can hide a monster inside, so you only have to play it. But keep one thing in mind, if you find your perfect travel companion, never let him get away.

Dare to Travel Alone

Can’t find anyone who wants to carpool with you (and you’d be willing to take fellow gremlins with you)? Well, travel alone! You’re older and you don’t need your mommy to put cream on your back, nor your sweetheart to tell you what, where and when things are done. It is normal that at first, it scares you, but believe us, leaving your comfort zone is something that you will greatly appreciate.

Also, the alternative is to stay at home soaked in sweat while you browse travel blogs and watch reruns of series you know by heart, or worse yet… you get addicted to Save Me. Save yourself and go on an adventure!

Sea Or Mountain? Choose Your Destination Well

At this point and you still haven’t decided your destiny? It often happens that you go crazy looking for information about thousands of places and in the end what you get is to be even more lost. Ask yourself just one question: what does your body ask of you? It seems stupid but if when you see a photo of a destination you get a little more excited than with the rest, bingo! Do not force yourself to do things that you know you do not like, these are your vacations and you have to enjoy them to the fullest.

However, sometimes what your body asks of you is to radically change your style: enough with so many beaches and so many beach bars, this year I feel like going to explore the mountains of Georgia! Who prevents you from doing something crazy?

Give Yourself Some Other Caprices…

You’re on vacation and you deserve it so take care of yourself a little man! (without going home rolling or with the account in the red, eh?). Dinner at that beautiful beach restaurant… and speaking of beautiful: no, canned tuna is not a good fish-based dinner, so don’t be stingy, you’ll have time to save up on your return.

Say Goodbye to Technology

Stop checking your email, turn off your phone, resist the temptation to gossip on Facebook, and most of all…enjoy the summer holidays. In this technological age, it seems to be more important to take a photo of the sunset than to enjoy it live or to be in a bad mood for not having Wi-Fi and not being able to share on social networks how much fun you are having. You are on vacation, also from social networks, remember it. The only exception: send a message a day so that your mother knows that neither she has eaten you by a shark nor has she kidnapped you by a Chinese mafia. That will never change: even if you are 20 years old on each leg, you are still their defenseless little one.

The Perfect Vacation Doesn’t Exist

Do not pay attention to the photos of the catalogs of the travel agencies, nor to the movies where everything always goes well or to fairy tales: the perfect vacations do not exist, and if they did they would be infinite boredom. Having a small setback (nothing serious!) will be something that at that moment will seem like a world, but in the end, you will remember it as one more adventure along the way.

It is told to you by one who missed the first flight of her life and who had to spend more than half of the budget on another ticket for the next day. She always tries to have a positive and proactive attitude, enjoy the small details and get in touch with the local culture. In this way, you will see how your vacation will become an authentic trip.


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