Having a Magnificent Travel in Dubai Liwa Safari

Dubai Liwa Safari

Having a Magnificent Travel in Dubai Liwa Safari

If you are searching for one of the best deserts in Dubai , Liwa Desert is definitely a place to visit in the UAE. Liwa Desert is the biggest sand desert in the whole world. Because of this, there are a lot of activities that you would definitely enjoy. One of these is the Dubai desert safari. Enjoy a 4×4 ride at some of the best vehicles such as the Toyota Land Cruiser and SUV. What is even more exciting are the wadi and dune bashing that will definitely make adventure enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the sand dunes. Do not be worried for the drivers are professionally expert in this kind of exhilarating activity.

There are a lot of shifts to choose from in desert safari in Dubai. Some tourists prefer to have a morning desert safari while others prefer the evening and overnight safari. This allows one to explore more of the desert. This is truly promising as you will see the sunrise and sunset in the desert’s perspective. After the thrilling 4×5 ride, you may also want to ride on camels or have bicycle ride. Other fun activities happen in the evening. Some of these are the performances of the belly dancers while guests enjoy the wonderfully cooked food and drinking of sisha. Other beverages were served in an unlimited offer. See the amazing carpets with Arabian designs being placed on the Bedouin camp. You may also want to try to have a henna tattoo for fun with your loved ones and family. You will definitely enjoy capturing photographs of this splendid nature. In the morning, try again some of the fun activities in Dubai desert safari.

Pick up time for guests are commonly at 8:30 in the morning. Afterwards, drive to Liwa for about 1 and a half hour. The travel route would be towards the Tal Moree Dune which is renowned as the highest sand hill in the world. This is definitely a must try for everyone. Do not miss to reserve for a tour package now! See exciting promos and offers that await you.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour | Enjoy and Experience the Safari

One of the finest places in the eastern region where people can enjoy their once in a lifetime vacation is Dubai. What make this special place amazing is the urban centers located in the heart of the emirate. However, it is not just about modern living, but people can also experience ancient desert life through the Dubai desert safari tour.

Among the adventure seeking people, it is the most sought after activity they want to experience while they are in Dubai. This adventure is once in a lifetime, so they try to get the best out of it. Dubai is not only a place where architecture and modernism is evident, but also history and ancient life. desert safari in Dubai tour is a leisure experience people who love adventure are searching for. There are many places in Dubai where tourists can experience the countryside.

For your information, the desert tour starts when the sun starts to lower the western horizon and the dunes start displaying a long shadow. This excitement of traveling straight down to the broad desert is immeasurable in many situations. A tourist can see the villages in the desert together with camels straying on earth while on these expeditions. There are purple Arabian skies which provide back drop for mountains suitable for camping in the desert when the night sets in.

Dubai desert safari tour will let you appreciate commerce and trade for different tourists’ activities as it is showing these days. Without a doubt, it is a safari that is known to be one of the main areas of the economy of Dubai.

There are many options for people to search for their Dubai desert safari tour. In general, there are big hotels and resorts that can arrange a safari if their clients wish to. When a guest decides to go for a desert safari, he will be provided by a guide for the duration of the tour, starting during late in the afternoon until the time the trip finishes at night.

However, tourists must remember the ride they might be encountering, as there are miles of sand dunes awaiting them on their Dubai tour. There is a vast desert ahead that tourists must be aware of. If your driver will not be careful enough, your jeep might overturn or be stuck in the sand. Somehow, it makes the Dubai desert safari tour even more exciting.

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