Plan for five days in New York

New York tour plan

Plan for five days in New York

For those who are going to spend 4 or 5 days in New York. We are going to give you a series of ideas, advice, and recommendations. Try to see the main sites of the Big Apple in such a short time.

To make it easy, we are going to divide Manhattan into 4 zones and we will visit each one day, leaving us a free day to do something that we really want and that is not contemplated in this route, such as going to see a gospel mass on a Sunday at Harlem, which will take you all morning, or go to Coney Island and its mythical amusement park, which will take you in the same way.

Central Park

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On this day we are going to take the opportunity to discover without a doubt. The most famous park in the city and take the opportunity to visit some of its main museums. Which are undoubtedly one of the treasures of this city. From my point of view, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) should be visited. And then depending on your tastes. Choose whether to visit the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The  Frick Collection, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), or choose the American Museum of Natural History.


Undoubtedly a very full day, you will see the main well-known icons of Manhattan. Although we will try to leave some for another day. Undoubtedly essential Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal. And climb at least one of the two best-known viewpoints in the city: Empire State Building or Top of the Rock. To eat I can only recommend two places: The famous hamburgers at the Burger Joint, located in the hall of the Le Parker Meridien hotel, or try one of the most famous cheesecakes in the city, Junior’s, very close to Times Square.

Downtown and Soho

Here we find some of the neighborhoods with the most personality in New York. For me, it is essential to go to Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. Take the High Line, visit Chelsea Market and then cross to the other side of the city to visit Chinatown and Little Italy. For lunch or dinner during your stay. I always recommend you go to Greenwich Village and enjoy one of the places in the area. For a good pizza you have John’s at Bleecker Street. The oldest pizzeria in New York, and for dinner listening to music live we have Cafe Wha?, where artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, or Jimi Hendrix started, or the famous jazz bars like Blue Note or Vanguard Village. The visit to the mythical Magnolia Bakery, located on Bleecker Street, seems essential for fans of the Sex and the City series.

Financial District and Brooklyn

One day a bit beating but well worth it. We start the day by boarding the Ferry to Staten Island, to see the Statue of Liberty. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a video we recorded on our last visit to the ferry:

Travel Insurance To Travel With Peace of Mind

In these times, we cannot ignore making a recommendation: take out travel medical insurance to travel more calmly. For little money, you can have insurance. That will protect you and your family from any unforeseen medical event. And that will cover any possible problem that may happen on your trip. For more information and to see what possibilities there are and which are the best for your trip, I recommend you read our article Choose your travel insurance for New York.

Avoid Queues With Tourist Cards

Finally, you may be interested in avoiding queues when you go to enter tourist attractions. And waste as little time as possible, and that is where you may be interested in one of the tourist cards that they offer you. Whether it is a card with a number of tickets previously selected. Such as the Go City New York or the Flex Pass, from Sightseeing Pass. A card that allows you to go to 5 of the 8 most visited places in New York. Such as the New York CityPASS, or a card with admission to more than 100 tourist attractions on a number of predefined days, such as the New York Pass or the Sightseeing Pass. For more information and a comparison of all of them, you can read our article on the best tourist card for your visit to New York.

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