Road Companions: it’s time to travel again

Road Companions

Road Companions: it’s time to travel again

It seemed that it would never come, but we are already living it. With the end of the state of alarm, free movement between provinces begins and every day more countries are opening their doors (with their rules) so this week we look towards our Road Companions with renewed illusions because the time has come to travel again.

If we have spent more than a year carefully reviewing all the pages we know, now more than ever we do so full of desire to travel to Toledo, to do the Camino de Santiago, to travel the Perigord, or to be more adventurous and escape to Japan. Let’s do it, but always with all caution, because we want your trips to continue to reach us on our contact form because we do this section with your help.

  • Being in the Xacobeo Year, it is welcome to start with the experience of La Cosmopolilla traveling the Portuguese Way to Santiago de Compostela. This year there will be many who take the backpack and make their way.
  • Likewise, some may decide to resume national tourism with a visit to the always exceptional Toledo and Where to travel, he details the places to visit in the city in detail.
  • To start making our mouths with trips to one of our bordering countries. This practical travel guide to Bordeaux and the Périgord that we find in El Rincón de Sele is great.
  • A little further on we have a beautiful trip to the Czech Republic, Prague. And Karlovy Vary and that in George’s World they have hair and signs.
  • I think the most unforgettable part of my trip to Egypt was the Nile cruise. The same thing seems to have happened to Map and Backpack.
  • And we end with the madness of a trip that almost cannot be further, where 365 Saturdays traveling that takes us from the nano and explains what to see in Kitakyushu, in Japan

And we end this Sunday without a state of alarm. In which we ask you to enjoy traveling but at the same time continue to be very cautious. And if you discover new places or meet new people who tell us about it. Go through our contact form, which we will be happy to echo.

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