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I know vertigo you feel when you are planning a trip to Iceland for the first time. Iceland is a small country, but full of peculiarities. In fact, the more you learn about the country, the more doubts arise. For this reason, it is essential that someone who knows the country in depth give you advice on travel to Iceland. The first time I visited Iceland, I spent months literally preparing for the trip. Thanks to the following trips and the network of local people I have met, I can assure you that I know Iceland better than my own city. In case you don't know, at Cómete el Mundo we have a passion for Iceland.

What are the best travel bags? Without a doubt, this is one of the questions that all travelers ask themselves the most, especially when we start planning a new adventure around the world. Although there are thousands of options, in this post we wanted to base ourselves on our experience traveling for more than 15 years. Many times with a suitcase and others with a backpack. Without forgetting, of course, to assess the criteria of quality and durability. As well as taking into account that all are reasonably priced, have an attractive exterior design. And an interior with multiple departments that allow clothing to be distributed in a consistent and accessible manner.