The top 6 most exotic islands for your honeymoon

6 most exotic islands

The top 6 most exotic islands for your honeymoon

One of the best times to travel as a couple is in summer to be able to take advantage of the climate in paradisiacal destinations, that is why we have the 6 most exotic islands around the world for your honeymoon that you definitely cannot omit from your list of desired destinations.

If you plan your honeymoon in summer, one of the best times to travel as a couple, we have endless paradisiacal destinations for your honeymoon, which you definitely cannot omit from your list of options. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer is surely sun, beach, sea, and relaxation, right? On this occasion, we present the 6 most beautiful and exclusive exotic islands in the world. Get ready!

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

exotic islands for honeymoon

If your dream is to stay in a bungalow, this is the place to make it come true. Bora Bora is a true tropical paradise that stands out for its beautiful landscapes, beaches, and luxurious hotels on the water. Being a flat island, it has only one road and can be covered in just one day.  Either by car, motorcycle, or bicycle, and thus be able to contemplate different landscapes that will take your breath away.

One of the main attractions of this island is the famous lagoon, it is a unique place where you can do different water activities or simply contemplate the different shades of blue of its transparent waters. Have a fun time getting to know the lagoon in speedboats, canoes, or kayaks.

Tip for the guys: you can’t leave this beautiful island without first buying your wife a set of black pearls. They are typical of the area and will be a beautiful memory of their first trip as a married couple.


There is no more calm and paradisiacal place for a honeymoon than Seychelles, a true treasure of the Indian Ocean. It might seem that these islands were designed for 100% romantic trips since they have desert beaches with white sand and turquoise waters, luxurious hotels with huge suites, spa treatments, and exquisite dinners by the seaside specially designed to enjoy the magnificent sunsets. Also, they can perform different water activities and outdoor excursions.

One of the many luxuries that you can enjoy here is to enjoy your stay on a private island, such as Desroches Island, set aside a Villa in the tropical forest, or choose one of the many 5-star hotels. The Seychelles Islands offer the perfect combination of luxury, intimacy, romance, and varied nature.

Palawan Philippines

Palawan is among another exotic islands. Its elongated figure is home to exotic wildlife and beautiful fishing villages that are a major draw for tourists.

Among the best-known places in Palawan is El Nido. One of the most famous beaches for its crystal clear waters and soft sand. In front of this place, is the Bacuit archipelago, one of the biggest attractions in the area; and the Sabang Underground River.

If you are tired of visiting the busy parts of the island, do not hesitate to relax for a while on Occam Occam beach. What makes it special is that not many know it, so you can spend a quiet moment away from the crowds.

Holbox Island, Mexico

We all know that when talking about beaches, our beautiful country is definitely one of those that have the best and also many paradisiacal destinations; Holbox is one of them. This is a national destination that will delight couples looking for a few days of relaxation. and peace due to its beautiful white sand beaches and blue sea. Do not miss the best honeymoon in Mexico.

Among the main attractions of the island are swimming with whale sharks and visits to the Yalahau spring, an exclusive place for nature admirers.

Skiathos and Skopelos, Greece

If you have ever seen the movie Mamma Mia!, you will surely recognize these Greek landscapes where it was filmed. These islands are very different from the others. As here you can really feel the peace and tranquility of the place and appreciate the lifestyle of the people.

The views of the blue sea are splendid, the villas and small houses decorated in white and blue colors are beautiful. You will not find as much kindness and treatment in people as it is here.

In Skiathos, you will have access to a large number of shops, beaches. Such as Koukounaries and nightclubs if you are looking to live endless nights full of music on the beach; Unlike Skopelos which is just as beautiful but much quieter and calmer. Its beaches like Panormos and the landscapes obtained from Agios Ioannis Sto Kastri will take your breath away.

Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

The Bazaruto Archipelago is one of the most precious jewels of Mozambique. An archipelago is a group of six islands that are located in the province of Inhambane and is declared a National Marine Park, the largest being Bazaruto Island. The variety of aquatic life is immense.

Bazaruto Island is beautiful, if you climb the dunes you can have an impressive view of the ocean. Where you can witness its different shades of blue and you will also discover the contrast of its sandy beaches. Some areas of green bushes and vegetation. The group of islands is full of almost virgin beaches that are ideal for taking a break. After the long and hot excursion and enjoying the waters of the Indian Ocean for a while.

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