Top tips for traveling to Thailand

traveling to Thailand

Top tips for traveling to Thailand

Thailand is undoubtedly a special destination. This Southeast Asian country hides landscapes, culture, tradition, people, and colors full of contrasts. A country to which we invite anyone in search of new adventures to travel.

This was our first Asian destination and we are very fond of it. That is why we want to make you lose your fear and tell you the best tips for traveling to Thailand.


Before traveling to Thailand:

Like any destination, Thailand has its keys that you should know before visiting it. There is essential information that we must know before stepping on this country on the Asian continent. Therefore, we are going to give you the best tips to travel to Thailand without problems.

  1. Flights to Thailand:

Today you can find cheap flights to any destination. It’s all a matter of planning ahead and keeping an eye on flight deals to Thailand. We buy the flights for € 400, so don’t give up.

The most important airport is Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. It is just 30 minutes by taxi and is also connected by train and bus. This can be a great starting point for your travel itinerary in an Asian country.

  1. Thai currency:

The currency used in Thailand is the baht. For example, 1000 bahts equal about € 26. We recommend that you always check on websites like XE what the current currency exchange is. In the vast majority of places, you will have to pay in cash, so another of our tips for traveling to Thailand is that you carry enough in hand. If you fall short, you can withdraw money at ATMs of Thai banks or in convenience stores (supermarkets open 24 hours).

We always recommend that you change a little money in your own country, to have cash from the first moment. The currency exchange will benefit you more if you do it in Thailand itself. So leave most of the money to change it once in the country. You can do it at the airport itself or wait and do it somewhere in the city with a nicer change.

  1. Documentation to travel to Thailand:

If you are from Spain, you are in luck. There is no special procedure that you must do. When you arrive in Thailand, by plane, you will have to fill out a document with your information. The air access itself already gives you a 30-day permit to be in Thailand. If you accessed by land, the permit would be 15 days.

For Argentines, Chileans and Peruvians there is no need to obtain a visa either. Check the website of the Thai embassy if you need any special documents. Of course, you must take your passport with you since it will act as an identity document.

Once in the country, you can extend the visa. But above all, do not miss the expiration date, because otherwise, you will have to pay a fine.

  1. Budget to travel to Thailand:

Thailand is a cheap country. Our travel budget to Thailand was quite tight considering the number of activities we did and the places we visited. We have already told you that accommodation is cheap, but the same is true for other expenses.

A plate of pad-thai (Thai noodles) costs just ninety cents. If you want to hire tours, these will already fluctuate their prices more. They can range from ten to eighty euros.

We hire few things organized. The most expensive was the visit to the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai, the Elephant Nature Park. This day of volunteering cost us almost seventy euros, including a donation, transportation, food, and a guide who accompanied us all day.

There are many street food and craft stalls with very affordable prices. So there are many temptations that you will find throughout the day where to spend. Natural fruit smoothies, meat skewers, or rice dishes. There is nothing you can resist.

Where else you can adjust your travel budget is in accommodation and extras. This will make sure that the price of the trip does not rise much.

  1. The language:

The official language of Thailand is obviously Thai. Anyway, as in the vast majority of places, you can understand yourself in English. In recent years Thailand has become a great tourist destination and they are used to having travelers on their land.

We always recommend that you learn the basic words of the language like hello or thank you. In big cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai, as well as on the islands and the south, they understand English. If you leave the most touristy places, you always get to understand yourself with a basic vocabulary and signs.

  1. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand:

As we have said, there are many reasons to visit Thailand. But without a doubt, its capital Bangkok is one of the most significant. This city ​​is full of contrasts and there are many leisure options.

  1. What to see in Bangkok:

During your trip to Bangkok, we recommend that you spend four / five days in Bangkok. We only walked on it for three days and we had just enough time. Two days you can spend visiting the west of Bangkok. That is where the vast majority of its temples are located, the Chao Phraya River as well as the famous Khao San Road.

Khao San is the quintessential backpackers’ street. It has many food stalls, hostels, shops, and supermarkets at very affordable prices. Of course, with the passage of time, it has become a very tourist area.

The Temple of Dawn, with its curious architecture, the Grand Palace, or the Golden Mountain are some of the essential points to see in Bangkok. We recommend that you spend another day in the most central and modern area of ​​the city with huge shopping centers.

To the north of Bangkok is Ayutthaya. The ancient capital of the Kingdom of Siam and a city full of historical remains that will not leave you indifferent. You can visit Ayutthaya from Bangkok by boat, train, bus, or on an organized tour. In one day you can visit the essentials, although you can also spend two days with peace of mind. If you want to hire a tour, I recommend the excursion to Ayutthaya with a cruise on the Civitatis river.

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