Top 5 Soon-To-Be Tallest Buildings In The World

Top 5 Soon-To-Be Tallest Buildings In The World

The construction of the tallest buildings in the world demands skill in both design and construction. They stand as records breakers in the construction history for their unique height and are great tourism attraction sites boasting high observation decks. There are new buildings set to take over as the tallest in the world upon completion. Here are some of them having been curated by experts at jackpot jill online casino.

  1. Jeddah Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 3,307 Feet

Already boasting the third tallest building in the world, Saudi Arabia is looking to make its unmistakable mark in the world of architecture in the city of Jeddah. It plans to erect the Jeddah Tower, which will top out at an incredible 3,307 feet.

This would quite easily make this the tallest structure ever built by humans, surpassing the behemoth Burj Khalifa by an astounding 590 feet. The tower is currently under construction and is set to be completed by 2020. The original desire was for the Jeddah Tower to be the first ever mile high structure ever built, but that has been scaled down to a more reasonable and realistic kilometer high goal, which is still a hard number to grasp.

  1. Suzhou Zhongnan Center, Suzhou, China – 2,392 Feet

Set to be completed by 2020, the Suzhou Zhongnan Center started construction in 2014. Upon completion, the building will stand at an incredible 2,392 feet which would make it the third tallest structure in the world and the tallest in all of China, surpassing the Shanghai Tower by 319 feet.

Suzhou Zhongnan Center will serve as a multi-use building with office space, high-end residential suites and a hotel. The tower will also have a jaw-dropping 93 elevators in use when finished. The concept art above shows the elegance China is going for with their biggest and newest toy.

  1. Dubai One Tower, Dubai, UAE – 2,333 Feet

Not to be outdone, Dubai will continue on its path toward dominance in the world of buildings. Although China and Saudi Arabia, as countries, can boast of their numerous towers, no other city can stack up to what Dubai’s skyline will have once One Tower is done. At 2,333 feet tall, it will join the Burj Khalifa as two of the four tallest buildings in the world within blocks of one another. Once completed, it will serve as high end living space only, making it the tallest residential building ever constructed.

  1. PNB 118, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 2,113 Feet

Currently under construction since January 2018, the PNB 118 will be the fifth tallest building in the world and the tallest in Malaysia surpassing the Petronas Towers, by over 600 feet, which can be seen off in the distance of this concept design. The tower’s design has already been lauded for its magnificent beauty and unique style and shape, many of which say it resembles a giant, elongated diamond. Regardless of its height, you can still play games at casino en ligne argent reel when you visit the construction.

  1. Signature Tower Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia – 2,093 Feet

Estimated for completion in 2022, the Signature Tower Jakarta will be the sixth tallest skyscraper in the world at 2,093 feet tall. The building will be office and residential space in the heart of Jakarta, making it Indonesia’s tallest by a significant margin. The city’s susceptibility to seismic activity has led to extremely careful and timely planning with engineers working to ensure the foundation and base of the tower are able to withstand the strongest forces created by earthquakes.

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