Traveling safely in the USA: information and advice for 2021

Traveling safely tips

Traveling safely in the USA: information and advice for 2021

This post was born from the need to try to clarify some aspects regarding traveling safely to the United States of America in 2021.

We will try to constantly update this post but one thing must be absolutely clear:

before planning a trip to the USA, for any motivation, work, study, pleasure or to visit relatives. It is necessary to be informed in a timely manner on reliable sites, I will indicate only one:

Let’s talk about the site managed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the home page, you will also find a questionnaire that aims to inform you about the feasibility of your trip.

In times of a sars-cov2 pandemic, the situation evolves in a sudden and often unpredictable way. We all hope that it will improve from today but there may still be difficult periods or emergencies involving the USA or Italy.

Travel insurance for the USA with covid-19 assistance

Traveling safely advice

The first aspect is to clarify the travel medical insurance for the United States of America.

I have selected the best ones on the USA health insurance page. (you can take a look and make a discount).

All the products you will find are complete, reliable, and cover medical expenses even in the case of covid-19.

Frontier Assicurazioni, upon request (up to 48 working hours for processing) also issues a copy of the certificate in English. In any case, all certificates issued will include the words: ” Note: included covid 19 and pandemic coverage “.

When the insurance does not operate:

Travel policies do not operate if:

  • the USA becomes a destination object of Farnesina’s advice (see the case of Brazil, UK, … for virus variant and flight blocking)
  • your trip is not compatible with the legal provisions of our country or the USA. For example, today it is not possible to go for tourism but it is admissible for other reasons.

This information, therefore, becomes essential because arriving in the USA out of the law and without insurance coverage is the opposite of a wise choice.

Both information must be collected from travelers. You will not find companies that will do it for you.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on the portal has prepared a questionnaire that can help you define the feasibility of your trip and what the return to Italy entails.

Entry requirements and formalities

When tourism reopens its doors or even now for those traveling for reasons covered by the legislation. It is essential to understand what is needed for entry.

We imagine that in the future it may be necessary to certify the vaccination (information that maybe can be inserted in the passport). Or to have a negative swab in the 72 hours preceding the flight.

The situation will evolve and we will return to travel but for a period the requirements will be different from the norm.

Hence the usual advice: when preparing for the trip, find out in-depth about the entry formalities. And never travel without good travel insurance that also covers medical expenses in case of covid-19.

What can be used on the road

If you can leave, remember to bring the mask with you, which is currently mandatory on board.

Airplanes are very safe means also as regards the risk of spreading the infection as the air in the cabin is constantly changed.

Having more than one mask for a long trip is a good choice. And I would perhaps opt for an ffp2 to feel more comfortable (even if hours and hours with such an uncomfortable mask can be a nightmare).

Bring some gel to sanitize your hands (from less than 100 ml as a souvenir).

In any case, be aware that for use during the stay, the masks. And the gel can also be purchased directly in the United States of America.

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